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Cisco 8851: A Modern Communication Solution

Cisco 8851

The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone stands as a pinnacle in the realm of modern communication technology, offering a sophisticated solution that combines high-fidelity, reliable, secure, and scalable voice over IP communications. Designed by Cisco, a leader in networking and communication solutions, the 8851 model is a part of the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

Understanding Cisco 8851

Overview of Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone: The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone is a sophisticated communication device designed to meet the demands of modern business communication. Let’s delve into its physical design, features, market availability, key specifications, and a detailed examination of the specifications outlined in the Cisco IP Phone 8851 Data Sheet.

Physical Design and Features: The Cisco 8851 boasts a sleek and modern design, available in charcoal and white color options. Its physical features include a 5-inch widescreen display, providing a clear and intuitive interface for users. The phone supports wired, USB, and Bluetooth headsets, offering flexibility in communication options.

Availability in the Market: Widely available in the market, the Cisco 8851 caters to businesses of all sizes seeking a secure and efficient communication solution. Its presence on Cisco on-premises and hosted infrastructure platforms, as well as compatibility with third-party hosted call control services, makes it a versatile choice.

Key Specifications of CISCO 8851


  • 5-inch widescreen VGA display for a visually enhanced user experience.

Programmable Keys:

  • Equipped with 5 programmable line and feature keys, providing quick access to essential functions.

Compatibility with Expansion Modules:

  • Supports up to two optional IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Modules, allowing for the addition of up to 56 extra line/feature keys.

Detailed Examination of Specifications

  • Display: The high-resolution color display enhances user visibility and interaction, ensuring a seamless communication experience.
  • Expansion Module Compatibility: The option to add up to two Key Expansion Modules significantly expands the phone’s capabilities, adapting to the dynamic needs of businesses.
  • Optional Color Options: The availability of both charcoal and white color options allows businesses to customize the aesthetic according to their preferences.

The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone combines advanced features, a modern design, and versatile compatibility, making it a reliable choice for businesses prioritizing efficient and secure communication.

Features and Functionalities

The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone is equipped with a range of advanced features and functionalities designed to enhance communication efficiency. Here is an overview:

Enhanced User Experience:

  • The phone provides an enhanced user experience with a 5-inch widescreen VGA display, ensuring clear and intuitive navigation through its features and applications.

Fixed-Function Keys:

  • Fixed-function keys offer one-touch access to various applications, messaging, directory, and commonly used calling features such as hold/resume, transfer, and more.

Programmable Line and Feature Keys:

  • The Cisco 8851 comes with five programmable line keys, supporting multiple directory numbers or calling features for quick and customizable access.

Key Expansion Module Compatibility:

  • It supports the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module, allowing users to add up to two modules with up to 56 additional line/feature keys, expanding the phone’s capabilities based on business needs.

Intelligent Proximity:

  • The phone features Cisco Intelligent Proximity, enabling seamless integration with smartphones and other mobile devices, enhancing connectivity and collaboration.

Compatibility with Communication Servers:

  • The Cisco 8851 is compatible with various communication servers, providing access to advanced communication features from Cisco, ensuring a comprehensive communication solution.

These features collectively contribute to the Cisco 8851’s reputation as a reliable and versatile IP Deskphone suitable for businesses of varying sizes.

Price and Market Availability

Pricing Structure and Considerations for Businesses

The pricing structure for the Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone can vary based on factors such as the supplier, region, and additional features or accessories. Cisco typically offers a competitive pricing model that considers the advanced features and capabilities of the 8851 model. Considerations for businesses:

Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone
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  • Licensing Costs: Some features may require additional licensing, impacting the overall cost.
  • Optional Accessories: Additional components like expansion modules may add to the total cost.
  • Support and Maintenance: Consider ongoing support and maintenance costs for a comprehensive budget.

Comparison with Similar Products in the Market

The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone competes in the market with other business-class collaboration endpoints. While specific pricing details may vary, businesses can benefit from comparing the 8851 with similar products from reputable manufacturers in terms of:

  • Features: Evaluate the functionality and capabilities offered by different models.
  • Scalability: Consider the scalability of the solution to meet future business needs.
  • Integration: Check compatibility with existing communication infrastructure.

Market Availability

The Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone is widely available through various channels, including:

  • Official Cisco Channels: Purchase directly from Cisco’s official website or authorized distributors.
  • Resellers and Partners: Many IT and communication resellers offer Cisco products.
  • Online Retailers: Platforms like Amazon may provide options for purchasing.

Considerations for Businesses Adopting this Technology

Businesses looking to adopt the Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone should consider:

  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with existing communication systems.
  • Training: Plan for training employees on using the advanced features.
  • Future Expansion: Consider the scalability of the solution for future growth.
  • Vendor Support: Evaluate Cisco’s support and warranty offerings.

Adopting the Cisco 8851 IP Deskphone can enhance communication efficiency, but businesses should carefully assess their specific needs and budget considerations.

User Experiences and Reviews

Global Enterprise Enhancement

  • Scenario: A multinational corporation implemented Cisco 8851 across its offices globally.
  • Outcome: Experienced improved communication efficiency, streamlined collaboration, and a reduction in response time.
  • Impact: Enhanced productivity, quicker decision-making, and a positive impact on overall business operations.

Telecommunication Service Provider

  • Scenario: A leading telecom service provider integrated Cisco 8851 in its call centers.
  • Outcome: Noticed a significant increase in call handling capacity and improved customer service.
  • Impact: Streamlined call flows, reduced wait times, and heightened customer satisfaction.

Common Themes in User Satisfaction

  • Feature Richness: Users appreciate the extensive features, particularly the programmable keys and compatibility with expansion modules.
  • Communication Efficiency: Businesses note improved efficiency in communication, leading to faster decision-making.
  • Global Scalability: Larger enterprises praise the global scalability, making it suitable for expansive operations.

Reported Challenges

Initial Setup Complexity: Some users reported challenges during the initial setup, requiring technical expertise. Cost Considerations: Cost-related concerns, especially for smaller businesses, were noted in user feedback. The Cisco 8851 has demonstrated success in various business scenarios, with users lauding its advanced features, seamless integration, and positive impacts on communication efficiency. However, challenges related to initial setup complexity and cost considerations should be carefully considered based on the specific needs of each business.

Future Developments and Trends:

The Cisco 8851 IP Phone aligns with current technology trends and showcases advancements in IP deskphones. Here’s a discussion on its features and potential future developments:

Gigabit Ethernet Switch:

The Cisco 8851 integrates a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch, reflecting the trend toward faster and more efficient network connectivity in modern workplaces.

Bluetooth Technology:

The use of Bluetooth technology in the Cisco 8851 demonstrates a commitment to wireless connectivity, reflecting the broader trend of wireless communication and device integration.

Energy Wise Technology:

Support for Cisco EnergyWiseâ„¢ technology highlights a focus on energy efficiency, aligning with the current trend towards sustainability and eco-friendly technologies.

Flexibility Options:

Options for Wi-Fi network support provide added flexibility, catering to the increasing demand for wireless communication solutions in contemporary work environments.

Key Expansion Modules:

The availability of key expansion modules allows for adaptability and customization, aligning with the trend of providing users with scalable and personalized communication solutions.

Future Developments in IP Deskphones

Considering the pace of technological innovation, potential future updates in IP deskphones, including the Cisco 8851, may involve:

Integration of AI:

Future IP deskphones may leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced features, such as intelligent call routing, voice commands, and predictive communication assistance.

5G Connectivity:

With the widespread adoption of 5G, future IP deskphones may incorporate faster and more reliable connectivity options, enabling high-quality audio and video communication.

Advanced Security Features:

As cybersecurity concerns continue to rise, future IP deskphones may include advanced security features to ensure the protection of sensitive communication data.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration:

Integration with AR technologies could enhance user experiences, providing visual aids during calls, virtual collaboration spaces, and improved remote troubleshooting.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools:

Future IP deskphones may focus on integrating advanced collaboration tools, supporting seamless communication across various platforms and devices.

The Cisco 8851’s current features and the potential future developments in IP deskphones showcase a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology trends, ensuring users have access to cutting-edge communication solutions.

In conclusion, the Cisco 8851 IP Phone is not just a communication device; it’s a strategic investment in the efficiency, productivity, and future-readiness of your business. Elevate your communication infrastructure with the Cisco 8851 and experience the benefits of a modern, reliable, and feature-rich IP phone system.


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