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Comprehensive Guide to the CySA+ Certification: Benefits, Exam Preparation

CySA certification

Cybercrime is at high stake in today’s world. At every moment, we are closer to a more digitally advanced world. Because of this, the demand for courses like Cysa certification is very high in the cyber security industry.

But many candidates get confused when approaching the first step towards their dream field of Cysa certification—what the certificate is about, the pattern of the certificate, and every detail—and this confusion sometimes results in a negative impact on the individual. This leads them to develop an uncertainty about the course and sometimes even pushes candidates back away from their dream job.

What is a Cysa certificate?

Cysa, or cyber security analyst, plays a very vital role in the cyber security industry. The Cyber Security Analyst, or Cysa certification, is an IT work certificate that includes and trains the individual with a proper course of behavior analysis and device analysis to prevent and detect threats in a security system.

This hands-on practical certificate course unleashes an individual’s skills to develop the skills to detect, respond to, and analyze incidents and threats to a security system. This valuable course for a Cysa or cyber security analyst is offered by the CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association).

This hands-on practical training mainly focuses on the vulnerable site of a system, threats related to a system, security analysts, penetrating threats, and incident response. These cyber security analysts are experts and skilledly trained to identify vulnerabilities and threats to the security system.

Scope of Cysa certification or cyber security analyst

Cyber security analysts, or Cysa, have a huge scoop in the IT workforce for their unique work skills and can be an extremely useful asset to any organization because of their unique ability to design and provide solutions to security systems with analytical tools and devices. They analyze with a behavior approach to detect any threat to the organization’s security system with their unique skills while ensuring the continuity of data, business, and an available service. They also ensure to identify any patterns or vulnerable weaknesses that could result in a cyberattack and immediately take action for these solutions before any major threat could take place.

Scope of CySA Certification

Some common positions and roles in the Cysa certification or cyber security analyst

  • IT security analyst
  • Security operations center (SOC) analyst
  • Vulnerability analyst
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Threat intelligence analyst
  • Security engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst

If you are someone who is interested in these fields of work, then you should definitely opt for Cysa, or cyber security analyst, certification.

Course structure of a cyber security analyst or Cysa certification

The cyber security analyst, or Cysa certification, trains an individual to skillfully identify the vulnerabilities and threats to a security system with analytical tools and a behavioral approach.

The course topics for Cysa certification or cyber security analyst include

  • Security analytics
  • Intrusion detection
  • Response

Cysa certification or cyber security analyst exam

The Cysa certification is in very high demand among IT organizations for its unique work skills.

The cyber security analyst exam consists of a total of 85 questions. Apart from the exam questions, after completing your exam, you will be provided with a survey of multiple-choice questions, which will consist of 12 questions asking about your study plan, practice, and the reason for choosing the certificate.

The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) makes the exam pattern of the Cysa certification or cyber security analyst exam with two types of questions, which include multiple-choice questions with multiple responses, and another is a performance-based exam that will test your practical behavior and thinking in a stimulating environment when faced with a task.

The maximum score on the scale is 100 to 900, and to pass the exam, you have to obtain a minimum of 750. A duration of 165 minutes will be provided to you for the exam of a cyber security analyst.

The cost of the exam voucher can vary depending on your residence, but it will cost around $392. Note that it only includes the exam voucher.

Cost of the Cyber Security Analyst or Cysa Certification Exam

The cost of the CYSA exam entirely depends on your preference. If you already have the right skills for the examination, then the cost of the exam will range around $392, which will only include your exam voucher.

But if you want to take some additional training for exam preparation, then you can take CYSA, or rather Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp, or other cyber security analyst training, which will improve and act as an additional point to your exam preparation. The cost of this additional training entirely depends on the kind of training you will take and from where you will take it. The cost of additional training can range from pocket-friendly to high.

Requirements for Cysa certification or the cyber security analyst exam

Unlike other exams, the cysa certification or cyber security analyst exam has no mandatory requirements, but for a better scope of preparation, the CompTIA recommends a relevant experience of 4 years or an additional certificate of Network+ and Security training for the candidate, as the exam’s main focus is on hands-on practical experience.

Salary of Cysa

The sale price can vary depending on factors like organization, position and role of work, country, and the time you are working, along with your additional certificates and experience.

But the most common salary of a Cysa certificate holder, according to the different roles of the position, is

  • Cyber security analyst: $76,000
  • Security operations center (SOC) analyst: $98,000
  • IT security specialist: $104,000
  • Vulnerability analyst: $110,000
  • Threat intelligence analyst: $120,000
  • Cyber security engineer: $127,000


Cysa certification is a very high-demand certificate in the cyber industry. If you are thinking of starting your profession in this field, then just go ahead with good preparation.


1. Is CySA certification a good certification?

Ans: Absolutely Cysa certification, or cyber security analyst, is one of the most sought-after certificates in the cyber industry because of its unique analytical tools and ways of identifying vulnerabilities and threats in any organization’s security system, and for this, it’s a highly valuable asset for any organization.

2. Is CySA+ harder than Security+?

Ans: Both exams are challenging in their own unique way and entirely depend on your interest and preference, but according to many people, Cysa is much more difficult than Security+ because of its deeper monitoring of cyber analysis.

3. Is the CySA+ exam difficult?

Ans: It entirely depends on your interest and the years of experience you have, as everyone’s exam is difficult in its own way, and Cysa’s analytical tools and hands-on practical experience make it a bit difficult. But again, it depends on how many have completed the exam within a few weeks of preparation, while some took years to complete.

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